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Strange Dreams

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March 26th, 2008

marmaladious @ 01:18 pm: All of my co-workers were here, in the apartment complex, for some reason. They were noticing how many cats were around here, and as time passed, there were more and more. At some point, there was an army of something like 50 cats all walking by.

In the back of that group, came a very strange looking, large cat, with a poofy tail. It was violent, and was eating a couple of the other cats, whole. I wanted to be able to fight it, and I saw that, on the other side of this impression in the ground (like an arena, or a drained pool) there was a baseball bat embedded in the ground. I ran out to get it.

Eventually, there was a sniper on our side, who was going to take the cat thing out. I knew from Team Fortress 2 that, with a charged-up headshot, the sniper would be able to take out this huge creature (about ten feet tall at this point) in one shot. But the sniper got shot in the head by the creature, which was apparently also sniping.

Then this guy went to snipe it. He counted down from three, got to two, and got a bullet in the eye, through his scope. (my team was the cast of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip at this point). I was devastated. I also realized that my baseball bat wasn't going to do much.

Eventually the military showed up. They put some sort of wall of TVs and speakers up against the cat-thing, and were shooting sub-machine guns through the wall. At that point I woke up.

February 20th, 2006

marmaladious @ 01:53 pm: Target
I had this dream this morning.

So, I was shopping at the Lacey Target. I had, in my cart, a whole stack of some kind of magazine, and also a gummy candy on a stick that was made to look like a woman's vagina. I believe they were called "vagina pops."

When I got to the front of the line, the cashier was talking to me about the vagina pops. She said that even though it was the Christians that came up with them, nowadays they completely disowned them, and didn't want to be assocated with them. So much so, she said, that the Salt Lake City branch of Target didn't even carry them.

June 9th, 2005

marmaladious @ 11:31 am: I sometimes have these dreams where I lose my shoes, and then I'm late for a bus. It's always in a different setting, a different situation, a different kind of bus, but that's the basic dream.

Last night, though, I had one where I lost the wheel-parts to my rollerblades, and then was late to catch a car. Does my subconscious think it's being more creative by doing this? Oh, well.

May 22nd, 2005

marmaladious @ 10:11 am: Sci-fi stuff.
Okay, so in my dream I had been watching documentaries, or reading books, or something that told me about how people got abducted by aliens. In this dream, the people would recieve an envelope in the mail, containing a letter telling them when they were going to get abducted, and two train tickets for that night. Then, the next morning, the person would only have the stubs to the train tickets, and they would know that they'd been abducted by aliens during the night, and taken on a train. I was freaked out, because I recieved one of these envelopes in the mail.

As a part of the same dream, I had this recollection of one time my brother and I had been taking a walk somewhere, and an alien had jumped out from behind a bush and scared the bejeezus out of us. It was the gray with the big black eyes, and it was like eight feet tall.


May 14th, 2005

mooing_markeen @ 10:20 pm: I was a guitar!
Once, when I was still half asleep in the morning, I thought I was a guitar. And in order to speak words, I had to play certain chords. And in real life, my mom was calling at me to wake up, and I couldn't respond because I couldn't remember the right chords to say specific words. So I was basically paralyzed.

Current Music: ELP - karn evil 9

April 4th, 2005

marmaladious @ 09:05 pm: Violent and strange
This one is totally wierd.

I was watching some cop show, and the setting was at some campus. A bunch of elderly people were under someone's mind-control, and had guns, and were shooting at kids. The cops were there, and were totally upset that they had to shoot all of these dangerous mind-controlled old people. Amongst the crowd of old people there were barrels of some flammable liquid (lighter fluid?) that the old people kept shooting at. The barrels wouldn't explode, but they'd burst, throwing lighter-fluid everywhere. Then one of the cops' friends was under mind control, and his arm was on fire, and he was planning on torching the whole place, so the cops shot him, his arm came off, he died, and the whole place went up in flames.

While I watched this show I kept getting very upset about the violence level. You can see why.

marmaladious @ 08:54 pm: Frog
Okay, I was at my place of dwelling (which bore no resemblance to any place I can think of). In this dream I had a pet rat, and I was like, "Shit! I haven't fed my rat in two days!" I was concerned that he may have died or something. So when I got to my room, I let my turtle out (it was a turtle at this point). There was some guy over who was trying to catch my turtle, but was scared of it, because at this point is was the enormous frog, with this super-huge head (and a big jaw). It was up on the wall, and I was terrified of it myself.

February 12th, 2005

marmaladious @ 07:56 am: My Favorite Planet
This morning I had a dream that I was watching Sienfeld. One of the male characters was walking down the middle of the street, bumping into moving cars. But, you could see that his feet weren't touching the ground. He was floating about two feet up.

Then I noticed he was hanging by a string that he was holding on to. When he got far enough away I could see that the string was connected to a guy with a hang-glider, and they were both flying off toward some cartoony-seeming hills.

The guy shouts out something like, "I'm driving north, to Planet Manhattan!" and I was totally amused by this, because (even in the dream) I knew it didn't make any sense at all.

marmaladious @ 07:51 am: Click OK to continue.
When I am supposed to wake up at 6am I always set my alarm for 4, because if you wake up in the middle of a dream it's easier to remember all of your dreams. Well, I guess my body is getting used to waking up at 4.

I was just dreamin' away about whatever, and suddenly a dialogue box (like on the computer) came up in front of my vision, and it said something like, "It's almost time for you to wake up," and I heard an alarm sound. So, I clicked OK.

And when I clicked OK I woke up in my bed, and it was two minutes before my alarm was about to go off. Waay funny!

January 28th, 2005

marmaladious @ 12:33 am: And the exact same thing happened the next day!!!
Oookay. Haven't been remembering dreams much lately so I turned back a few pages in my dream diary. I came up with this:

There was some kind of school event (high school, which I'm no longer in). It was like a potluck, and me and some people were setting up food for a large group. When we were done I had to get into the back of the line, (behind this real asshole), and when I got to the tables there was just a few cookies left.

But then it wasn't school. It was in my old friend's parents' bedroom, taking cookies that were in a box on their bed. I snuck them out and went into the kitchen when I was caught by my friend's mom. She took two of my cookies, and I was feeling pretty humble and said something like, "You can have more if you want more," so she took all of them. I was upset and disappointed.

Then my friend's uncle gave him and I a ride, and we ended up on this beach (in the dream journal I described the scene as a cross between Everquest and Halo) and we were fighting these big beach-crab things that kept coming up from out of the ground. The most effective way to fight them was to pick one up, and throw it, and it would explode like a grenade. At this point I was having a lot of fun, exploding the bad animals.

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